Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Gifts - Away!

Going to the post office to send some undead cheer this season! First, to a dear friend from high school whom I recently reconnected with on Facebook, and then to our contest winners! Here are their winning and heartwarming stories of the zombie lovers in their lives!

From Niky:

I would give the books to my fiance' John. He is an avid reader of your books and his favourite is "Dying to Live" which I must admit after a couple of years and multiple reads, is quite dogearred and coffee stained. We heard about your work while we were members of Zach Recht's forum. I became quite close to Zach and he recommended your book to me, not only did I love it, but John did too (hence the state of the book). It would really mean a lot to me, to both of us, if I was successful and we won the books. John is my soulmate, and I know it would really make his Christmas to have a copy of your work and know that it was sent from the author.

From Nick:

I'd like to win a copy of one of your books for my brother-in-law Dave. He's the consummate zombie fan and nearly every time I see him he has something to say about Romero, the Walking Dead television series, or some graphic novel he's picked up in recent days/weeks---the problem is that I've heard it all before---at least if he were to get one of your books I'd be hearing about something new! Thanks!

From Chad:

First of all we’re from Pittsburgh, the home of the zombie. I’ve known Melanie for about 8 years now and she is a zombie/Horror fiend (has been forever!) (in fact I think Valley OT Dead is the only book of yours she doesn’t have…hmm?) We attend every horror convention, every zombie walk, and in fact were entered in the ugliest contest for the 10.10.10 Zombie gathering that won the world record for zombies attended. OK… so.. she loves zombies, you get that. Here’s why I would love to surprise her under the tree with your works of horror grandeur. We both swore not to “buy” each other anything for Christmas this year and instead spend what little we have on her 3 year old daughter Callie. While this is all fine and good in theory…. You know how it always turns out.. someone gets someone something and doesn’t tell the other, then the dude who says “I thought we weren’t doing Christmas this year” looks like an ass, OR, the exact opposite happens, and the dude gets something cool for his girl, and then she doesn’t get anything for him and feels terrible all day about it. Well.. this contest is the perfect fix-all! You see if I WIN her something she really wants, then I don’t get in trouble, and she doesn’t have to feel bad about not buying me anything. It’s so freak’n perfect! I was planning on just buying it for her, but your fun lil’contest is like a ray of hell from heaven!

Those are all pretty nice, and I hope your loved ones enjoy the books this Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Blogger Honey Badgeroo said...

Hi Kim

Thank you so much - the book arrived in the post today (31st December!) John is thrilled with it! Thank you for making this Christmas so special!

Kind Regards
Niky & John x

12:06 PM  

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