Friday, September 24, 2010

New Edition Contest!!

Okay fans (and new fans) - here's the contest for the new edition of DYING TO LIVE!!

Send proof of purchase to the contest address -

Do this by OCTOBER 31, 2010, when I'll draw one lucky winner who will get a signed copy of the sequel DYING TO LIVE: LIFE SENTENCE.

And please note, loyal fans: I'm sure if you visit my blog regularly, you already have your copy, but talk it up, tell a new zombie literature aficionado about the contest, so s/he can enjoy the book, drive the Amazon numbers the way we want them to go, and get a chance to win a free signed book!!

And thanks!!

UPDATE: I'm so sorry - when I set up the contest, I typed in the address wrong. It's fixed now, so please enter away.


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