Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from Horror Realm!

And besides way too much driving, a great time!

High points: Dinner at Red Robin with the Permuted gang! ( I love you, Dave Dunwoody, and I want every book I do from now on to include something by you!!) Breakfast with Ashley C. Williams (yes, from THAT movie) - only because Max the Drunken Severed Head is more outgoing than I and asked her over to our table - she was a great sport and very humble (and that's really nice to see among the "real" guests [since we all know the author guests are on the bottom of the totem pole]). The other dealers who were so friendly and eager to trade for books, so I got some great loot - a wicked knife, ear rings, necklace, CDs - got a lot of Christmas shopping done just by trading books! (Reminded me of those halcyon days at Machoian's Chicken when I subsisted on bartering for things.) The Middlesex Diner of Carlisle, PA on the way back - now that was some diner food!

Low points: The five kids at the next table at the Middlesex Diner. I can't say they were the worst children in Christendom, since I haven't had the misfortune of meeting every single child in Christendom - but bad enough. And worse this weekend - not many patrons at Horror Realm. I'm thinking they need to have one "top" draw for the ticket - a Romero or Hooper or Doug Bradley. Twenty different people from further down the credits doesn't add up to the same thing. And I'm wondering if there's now some competition between Zombie Fest (which still boasts sponsorship by the It's Alive Show) and Horror Realm. I'm not from Pittsburgh so I don't know what all went into the decision to move Horror Realm away from Monroeville, but I'd like to see it back there.

So, I didn't sell as many books as I did at Horror Find, but I had a great time with the people there, and sold enough books to pay for the room, so I will declare it a success!

Here are the links to the cool people I met there, so check them out:

Prints and chain mail jewelry. This is where I scored a great necklace.

Zombies and Toys - if I didn't have my minions constantly scouring the pre-zombocalypse world for good swag and sending it to their zombie overlord, I'd shop here all the time for Corporate zombies, death mints, and awesome stickers of Lego zombies.

Zomburg - raising undead awareness. Classes on zombie preparedness! Knowing is half the battle!!

City of the Dead - a new zombie series based in Pittsburgh.


Blogger Charlie In The Box said...

Glad you had a good time and were able to sell some books Kim. See you around the forums!!

12:28 PM  
Blogger Dave Dunwoody said...

The feeling's mutual Kim! Here's sand in your shorts.

7:35 PM  

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