Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book Sales

My German publishers reports their edition of DYING TO LIVE (Vom Ɯberleben unter Zombies) is now at #7 on in the HORROR category! That's pretty good, considering it's not one of those really little subcategories you get on Amazon USA, like "Post Apocalyptic Zombie Fiction." It's pretty easy to hit #7 in that category!

Thanks in part to the awesome efforts of Gary Klar (see my entry a few days ago) to talk up GOSPEL OF THE LIVING DEAD, it's numbers have surged in recent days! Nice to promote my academic AND zombie writing at the same time!!

And VALLEY OF THE DEAD has surged higher than it's ever been so far!

So, steady as she goes!

(PS: Up at 5am yesterday and today to give early morning exams! Two more exams to go! Tired!)


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