Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Horror Not Diverse Enough?

Asks one PW blogger, and not just as to race or gender, but as to continent. She applauds the Nebulas for their diversity as to race and gender, and while she doesn't note the numbers in the horror genre, she wonders about how it's dominated by American publishers/writers.

A reasonable query, presented quite innocently and w/o an agenda, I think. I'd press it further and ask about subject matter as well. And it's funny to think of the comparison with other spec fic and their fandoms. When I go to a con, I'd say an SF con is almost all guys, a fantasy con almost all gals, and a horror con pretty evenly divided. Now, as to race - all of them are all white, as far as I see. And of course, these are cons in N. America, so I can't speak to the nationality of people. So it'd be interesting, the extent to which non-diverse fandoms read different kinds of authors.


Blogger Stewart Sternberg said...

I have been to several conventions and agree with your assessment. Although I will say that I see there is also a generational divide one should note. And there is another divide when we separate between conventions focusing on literature and on film.

The generational divide I reference is one where you'll obviously find more teens and young adults at events featuring panels or activities surrounding anime' and videogaming. Also, I have noticed the furries, for the most part tend to be a younger group.

I think too many conventions, especially those not in enormous megacities, have difficulty with marketing and organization.

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