Friday, February 19, 2010

I Still Insist the Original is Evil

But the photos from the set of the Red Dawn remake are intriguing.

Is it going to be a tea-bagger fantasy, with China cast as the villain of all our racist / xenophobic paranoid fantasies? Or is it a parody of such paranoia? Are the posters against "Corporate Greed" just the propaganda of our Chinese oppressors, or is that what really caused the downfall of our nation in the movie? I'm still betting (and appalled at) the idea that it's going to be played as straightforward xenophobia (like the original), but perhaps one wonders if there's a level of questioning and self-deprecating, dark humor.


Blogger E.Pollarine said...

"Red Dawn" is an inherently evil movie- I agree completely with the premise of your title to this post, the fact that Hollywood is releasing yet another remake is astounding- with so many great pieces of fiction, horror and otherwise out there- I thought "Dying to Live" and "Plague of the Dead" would both make fantastic movies- as well as Warren Ellis's "Crooked Little Vein" -and well there are so many others that to go forward on naming them all would be overkill. Still this seems to me to be a complete lack of creative development department in the "film" industry.

10:30 PM  
Blogger KPaffenroth said...

It's funny - Escape from New York is one of my favorite movies, so I have nothing against some tough-guy, commie-shooting foolishness. But there the US is partly the enemy (as it is in Verhoeven's dystopian films too) and it's all played pretty clearly for camp, I think. As for remakes - I don't know the rationale. I just saw the ad for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Michael Bay? Really? That sounded like a good idea?

11:03 PM  
Blogger E.Pollarine said...

I didn't even know there was going to be a "Nightmare" remake until I read your comment- which, I think, the choice of the director should stand to back up my argument-what is the bed going to explode when it consumes the Johnny Depp character?

No, there is always a slight amount of give and take, especially in dystopian films-i.e. mad max, the road warrior, the escape movies, and the original Terminator- that is a given, especially for the science fiction genre-but we as the audience allow that to happen because we already want to be lead there-it's like Zombie fiction- you don't generally have to explain much in regards to how or why the zombies came about because the reader already wants this situation to be the story-

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