Friday, November 20, 2009

Monster Librarian

Gives a great review of The World Is Dead. I especially like how they say non-horror fans will like the stories. That's always a nice bonus, and I think it's quite true of some of the tales therein.

Here's the cut and paste version:

There is little doubt that zombies are the “in” monster these days, and the number of zombie anthologies and collected works seem to be rising faster than the corpses coming out of the ground. The World is Dead is a collection of zombie stories about life after a zombie plague has ravaged the world. The interesting thing about The World is Dead is that it provides the reader with different aspects of existing in a world with zombies. Paffenroth divides his book into four sections: work, family, love, and life. The World is Dead offers up a wide variety of stories from some very talented authors and I would highly recommend the book. The thing to keep in mind about the book is that while there are some chilling stories, there are some that are actually very touching such as “December Warming" by William Bolden. The World is Dead is a book for fans of the zombie concept, not just for those looking for zombie gore. The cover of the book doesn’t really do the book justice, it shows a couple of authority types moving a bloodied restrained zombie in a facility which implies more a chew and chop type book than you actually get. Rest assured, there are some stories that have action and gore, but others are thoughtful, humorous, and touching. The World is Dead is one of the strongest zombie anthologies that have come out recently and should be definitely be added to a library collection.


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