Saturday, November 14, 2009

Megan Fox

I've said it on twitter and I think on message boards, but I don't think I've said it here: I don't even think she's all that, looks wise.
This is one of the nicer (and more demure) photos of her. If you look at the FHM photos (all over the net) she looks bony. I don't think she has that great of a figure. And the way she's posed (including this photo) - look at her face. Forehead WAY too big (compounded by the way she wears her hair - I don't think I've ever said a woman would look better with bangs, but this time I'd be willing to risk it). Eyes half closed is SUPPOSED to be a "come hither" look, but on her it looks reptilian. And as my fellow LOTTD blogger points out - what's all this crap about her encouraging young women to be themselves and go against stereotypes? Ms. Fox has made all her copious fame and money by living up (or down) to the standard (male oriented) stereotype of the sexually insatiable, young, physically desirable (in a completely fem way) woman. No bucking the stereotype there. She has sex with women and kills men in one movie (after being damsel in distress in her other big role)? So what? That easily fits the stereotype.


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