Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Got a Fever Ragin' in My Heart!

You make me shiver and shake!
Baby don't stop!
Take it to the top!
Eat it like a piece of cake!

Had that song stuck in my head and had to go buy BEST OF KISS - VOL 2 for the car ride home! Score!

But, notice class: we have the same problem of a rhyme poor language as you also see in RATT's immortal lyrics:

You put me through the ringer
and hang me out to dry!
You lick me off your fingers
just like a piece of pie!

Both are guilty of awful mixed metaphors as well: we go from heart fever to food in the one case, and from laundry to food in the other, both in a completely nonsensical way. But as for the rhyme, both groups of scruffy lads wanted a kind of food, but they needed it to rhyme, so they completely ignored the fact of how you eat the respective foods. What they would've wanted, ideally, to fit their blatant innuendo, is a kind of food like an ice cream cone, or Dreamsicle, or even a corn dog. But none of those rhymed, so they had to go with cake and pie, neither of which you eat with your hands, or lick, but you stab them with a fork, which most definitely does NOT fit the sexual innuendo.

But, nonetheless, LONG LIVE ROCK!


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