Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Those Miscreants Better Appreciate It!

But they won't!

I've used this textbook for a while now -

Patterns of Religion

But it went up to $110! ($80 on Amazon.) For a paperback!

So I said no way. I got to make an effort. So now I'll be spending a bunch of time the next two weeks redoing my syllabi (which are due now in NOVEMBER?!) so that we can use these two instead -

The World's Religions ($52, $38 on Amazon)

The Portable World Bible ($18, $12 on Amazon)

So if they go to the bookstore, they're saving $40 ($70 vs $110); if they go to Amazon, they're saving $30 ($50 vs $80). IF they go to Amazon and buy the two new books now, instead of buying the one old book at the bookstore, they'd save $60!

Why, why Lord? Half of them don't buy the book anyway and try to get by on just the lecture notes - or at least, notes from the lectures they actually attend! OY!

Well, like I say - I felt like I had to try!


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