Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Random Rants

Before braving the supermarket again!

1) Stuff White People Like! (First a book, now a blog and a Facebook quiz and I'm sure it'll be available in other forms too!) I'd thumbed through (and laughed) at the book at an Urban Outfitters the other week, but looking closely at the list, I'm surprised there's absolutely NO nod toward blue collar, white "culture" - no NASCAR or wrestling or 80s Metal. (And I can tell you from last Friday - or indeed, any Friday I go to a concert - that there were 30k white people jammed together on that soggy mountain side.) The list is white, liberal, NE or Californian, college grad culture. Which is fine, but it makes me think more about what's really being made fun of (besides my demographic, which again, is fine). I think if you made fun of the NASCAR crowd, it'd be perceived as potentially mean-spirited, like you were calling them hillbillies or inbreds - in other words, they wouldn't be the target audience, though they'd be the target of the mockery. (And I guess Jeff Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy get away with it because they are identifiable as part of the target demographic.) But if you make fun of liberals in a book that's probably mostly read by liberals, then that's okay. Which it is - I think mockery should usually be w/in a group and not outward directed.

2) How much do teenagers EAT?! Wow. I guess ours only eat once in the day, but once they get home, it's nonstop! -

3:00pm - "snack" (looks a helluva lot more like a meal to me - usually a frozen pizza or Hot Pocket or pasta)

5:00pm - "snack" (looks more like a snack - apple or pear or nuts)

6:30pm - dinner (where they eat as much as I do)

8:00pm - "snack" (looks like yet another meal to me, usually with pasta or rice or a continuation of dessert)

And what's with all the carbs?! Is that even good for them?

Which, of course, is why I'm off to the supermarket again!!


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