Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Passive Aggression?

I wonder if there's some study to show this is more prevalent than before. Of course, I guess it was never diagnosed until recently, and even now it mostly passes under the rubric of "dickishness," so there's probably no way to check. I can't remember the last time someone told me to fuck off (which would be the antithesis of passive-aggressive), but it's every day that someone ignores me, doesn't answer an email that is marked as kinda sorta important (and often is a matter of their responsibility), or conveniently "forgets" a commitment - all behavior that is blatantly passive-aggressive.

Of course, I suppose blogging w/o naming names is also passive-aggressive, so here's my nod to that oh-so-prevalent personality disorder!

And okay - I won't name names, and there are PLENTY of other people who are guilty of this, but I'll say the proximate cause of my rant is once again the book review section I edit for a scholarly journal. I tell reviewers six months, I don't even bug them or think anything of it if it takes a year - but some ignore repeated email reminders for THREE YEARS after they agree to write the review. They make no excuses, answer no email reminders - just silence. Classy.


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