Monday, August 31, 2009


Whew! A whirlwind tour!

Concert on Thursday. Great seats, and Dio sounded great!

Drove part of the way to Toronto and stayed overnight.

Then got to FanExpo on Friday. A little late because of traffic and long lines at Border. But set up and there were lots of people. And all so happy! Great panel with Max Brooks, who was a real sport; all weekend people would come to the table and say they'd seen the panel, so it really helped to get me noticed! Dinner at an Indian place with incredible food and really pretty bad service, but it was fine.

Back there Saturday morning the line was literally kilometers long. I don't even know the numbers for attendance, but that's a pretty big convention center and it was full. Had a huge day at the table. I mean HUGE.

Dinner with Monica and the other HWA people afterwards. Thanks Monica for all your help, and Sephera for setting up the dinner!

Adding two new zombie affiliate sites, having met them at the Con:

Zombie Reporting Center for all zombie related news

Canadian Zombies, to promote awareness and preparedness for the zombie apocalypse


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