Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Interior and Cover Art!

I've seen the interior and cover art for VALLEY OF THE DEAD

And I can't show them to you. Sorry.

The color picture you've seen is the frontispiece art. The cover will feature a simple outline, almost cameo, type drawing of the poet. It looks like traditional drawings of the poet, but the changes the artist put in it make all the difference in creating a gritty, realistic look.

The interiors will be these dark, smoky, swirly woodcuts. One person described them as "moody," but I think "brutal" or "scary" would be better. They grab you and jerk you around a little bit, and make your stomach churn and your head spin. Really icky but cool.

They're right out of the story and are exactly what I had in mind for interior art. Thanks Alex!


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