Monday, July 06, 2009

The Bashers from Birmingham!

Rocked the house! Rocked it HARD!

Might've been their best set that I've seen. They played all of British Steel (the ostensible reason for the tour is the 30th anniversary), plus some of their usuals - Victim of Changes, Ripper, Diamonds and Rust, and You've Got Another Thing Coming - one from Nostradamus, and a surpising two from Defenders of the Faith (Freewheel Burning and Rock Hard Ride Free). It was a little hard to leave w/o Painkiller and Green Manalishi, but it was extra nice to see You Don't Have to Be Old to Be Wise.

And Rob must've been jogging around London Bridge this year - the man was moving around the stage like a man... um... two-thirds his age. (Does he still live in Havasu City? I know I heard that years and years ago.) He looked great, though he should've struck the three person pose up front, bracketed by Glenn and KK. That always looks soooo cool.

And speaking of 1979: I saw Dawn of the Dead, bought British Steel, and my mother died, all w/in a year of each other. The die was cast for me that year, for good and ill.


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