Monday, July 27, 2009

Back from Philly!

What a great time with the lads!

Saw the Mutter Museum for the first time. Eeeewww! (Pretty gross stuff, really.)

Saw the Edgar Allan Poe house for the first time!

Saw the Liberty Bell.

Ate in Chinatown several times.

Saw Night of Champions. That Rey Mysterio is the man! And while the main event was pretty ho-hum to me (two "small" guys, both of whom look kinda young, punkish, and grungy? no thanks) and though I had no preference between the three dudes in the triple fight, that one did have a nice old school ending, with a technicality, then interference from a bevy of heels. The first Diva match I thought was good - Melina moves well, especially her kicks and aerial work. So pretty good stuff!


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