Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Announcement?

Now I'm told it might be a while before we can announce! GRRR!

But, in other news, Marriott emailed me (finally) and said they are "addressing" the issue!

"Addressing"? as in "Tough luck, you bunch of horror weirdoes!"

or, as in,

"Oh, we're so sorry! Let us give you lots of free stuff so you'll come back!!"

Still waiting!

And in the meantime, you know what I need? A rich, eccentric benefactor. I'm thinking a cross between William Randolph Hearst and Howard Hughes. Maybe he could live in a giant dirigible, slowly circling the Andes? Or maybe in a secret lair under an active volcano? Either would be swell, so long as he pays me to write my novels!!


Blogger Gestalt said...

This sounds like a new character. Am I sensing a propensity towards fantasy writing or maybe even steampunk?

12:08 PM  

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