Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dinner

Since I'm sitting here blogging (and looking up variants on one recipe, to get ideas), you can tell it's not one of my more complicated meals. I often think holidays, with their "stick an enormous carcass in the oven" meals are a lot simpler than a stir fry with a lot of ingredients, or a casserole that has to have its parts cooked first, then assembled.

But, I digress. Here's what's going on (in the order it went into the oven or on to the stove):

rice pudding is in the oven; I *think* it's the way my mother used to make it (though, of course, she left no record of it), since it's a tiny amount of rice in a QUART of milk, baked in a very slow oven for 3.5 hours, and I know when she'd make it at home, it cooked for a long time and came out really thin and sweet (as I'm anticipating this will, given the proportions)

potatoes are simmering to be mashed later

brussel sprouts are trimmed to be steamed later

everything else is waiting...

roast beef will go in next at 4pm

ham will go in to get heated through at 5pm; it'll have a honey mustard glaze

biscuits in at 5:45pm

In between, I'll make horseradish sauce (what I was looking up at and set out an hors d'oeuvres tray. I bought a store-made apple pie. Yay!


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