Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Pat's!

It made me think of the one time I went to the Emerald Isle. I was there with some other faculty from Villanova (back when the Templeton Foundation still paid for such junkets). And we went to a local bar. Which meant, rather than getting blasted by Irish music and drinking overpriced booze, we were treated to the lone Irish drunk chatting us up so we'd think he was so cute and gnomic and buy him drinks.

And, I'll give him credit. He got the vibe from me immediately that I wanted him to get lost. How do I know? Because he said so! (More points, for a kind of belligerent candor.)

"You don like me much, do ya?"


"You don like many pay-pul, do ya?"


"Cuz you don't impress easy, do ya?"


"Then drink with me!"

"Yeah. Okay."

It was a good evening. Alcohol should make you belligerent, and make you tell the truth. What else would be the point?


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