Thursday, March 05, 2009

In the Email Today!

Started out kind of shaky. Just some crap from someone that pissed me off. No big deal. But as the day wore on, a series of nice things:

-- Old friend from high school saying she's sorry she didn't reply sooner. Yay! Hopefully we'll get that out of the way and correspond more now.

-- Publisher saying he's still interested in my stuff and wants to see something soon. Well, that's alway nice!!

-- Permuted's back online, after being knocked almost completely out of service for almost a month by the ice storm back in February! I can finally start communicating about The World Is Dead and other projects.

-- The fabulous zombie novella ROT from Michele Lee arrived,, coming soon from Skullvines Press - A goodie that I got to see early so I could blurb it! You all are in for a treat!!

-- And a list of interview questions from Dark Recesses Press -, since people care why I write what I write. Cool!

Good day, overall!


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