Saturday, February 07, 2009

Amazon Numbers

And yes, I have some vague notion of what they translate into, so I'm not going to go around talking about my "Bestseller." I know that the difference between 100,000th and 10,000th is probably two books sold. But I also know when the book stays at a low number for a long time, that means there are *some* sales trickling in each day.

So that's why I'm shocked that the Amazon numbers are staying as good as they are. I thought it was a Christmas rush, but even in the last two months, this is what I've seen:

D2L2 and History Is Dead bounce around between 10,000th and 30,000th most days, occasionally breaking under 10,000th.

D2L is under 10,000th most every day.

That, plus Borders - the kids can continue their drum and French lessons! Yay!


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