Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Halfway Point

There's something that happens for me after I've passed the halfway point of a novel in progress. I start to see larger patterns in what's finished, and I see how to wrap those up in the remaining work. (I do work from an outline, but it's not that detailed - it might say, for example, "Introduction" or "They journey through the woods and fight zombies" - so there's plenty of details, especially thematic connections, that are only made once I'm writing.) So, for example, I can see now that several of the scenes I've put in include imagery of the crucifixion (though none are staged specifically as a crucifixion), and I'd like to include one more, for symmetry's sake, so that there would four total - two women and two men. I can now see how a lot of the animal imgery fits into an unfolding presentation that I have of "natural theology" - that unaided, human nature is capable of some goodness, w/o Divine revelation. It really makes you more confident that you can finish the thing and it'll work out the way you want it to.


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