Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Zombie Truck!

Got this great email from a friend I knew back in elementary school. Quoting him:

"So, as the boys and I are getting in the van to leave, the UPS man shows up with my package containing History is Dead. Of course, I couldn't wait, so I ripped into the package as I sat in the front seat. As I showed them the book, the kids were intrigued by the cover. I showed them the book and told them that a friend of mine had written the book. Naturally, they were MAJORLY intrigued by the fact that I was friends with some sort of zombie creature and was immediately inundated with a barrage of questions about whether my friend was dead and if he was a zombie, etc. I told them that the cover picture was not a real person, but that the author was. Later in the day, as we're driving down the road, we saw another UPS delivery van, and my 5 year old pointed to it and exclaimed, 'Look, daddy, the zombie truck.'"

A new fan!!


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