Monday, April 07, 2008

Dunkin' Donuts? Devil Donuts, is more like it!

I admit to having become a big fan in the last couple years, almost exclusively for the coffee (buy it 3-4x per week), less so for the breakfast sandwiches (1-2x per week), almost never for the donuts (3-4x per year). But man, they've been slipping the last week!

First, tried the flatbread thing. It's like a tiny bit of cheese between two matzos for $3.50. Disappointing.

Then, they switched cash registers at my local branch. When my order rang at the wrong amount, they blinked uncomprehendingly and asked if I wanted a manager. No, I wanted them to ring it right. If that involved a manager (it shouldn't) then so be it. I mean, they said it like it was really a matter of discussion and inconvenience, and I should just pay the wrong amount. And no, the 30 cents is not the point (it just comes out of their tip anyway) - it's just common sense that one needs to work the registers correctly at one's place of employment.

Then I ordered a coffee at a drive thru when on the road. The person on the loudspeaker repeated my order back to me correctly (large coffee, cream only). The person at the window repeated it back to me, correctly again. I drive off, get on the highway, driving 75mph, I take a sip, and it's got sugar in it! I suppose I should be glad it wasn't Splenda, as it was still drinkable.

Of course, now that I'm hooked, what can I do? There are no Starbucks here yet, and going to McDonald's is an idle threat. There are two local places that are passable the times I've been there. Maybe that's an option.


Blogger Hermanus said...

Buy the DD grounds and brew it yourself?

6:46 PM  
Blogger KPaffenroth said...

I am a notoriously bad brewer of coffee. No matter how often I remind myself NOT to add too much, I put some in the basket, look at it, think, "Nah! Damn the torpedoes!" pour more in, and create sludge that burns a hole through the spoon. Sometimes I grab my left hand with my right before I do it and scream "No! Stop me before I killlll!!!" but it avails me not.

8:37 PM  

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