Thursday, April 24, 2008

Summer/Fall Appearances

The spring spate has passed and now I'm planning on Summer and Fall and even into 2009. I'm also already getting confused with conflicts, so I better put these down where I can find them! (The UK conference fell through; maybe next year.)

Mo*Con (Indianapolis, IN) - June 13-15
Fangoria Weekend (Secaucus, NJ) - June 20-22
NeCon (Bristol, RI) - July 17-20
Horrorfind (Adelphi, MD) - August 15-17
Festival of Fear (Toronto, Canada) - August 22-24
St. John's College Homecoming (Annapolis, MD) - September 26-28
Albacon (Albany, NY) - October 10-12
ZombieFest2008 (Monroeville, PA) - October 25-26
Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion (Chicago, IL) - November 1-3
Arisia (Cambridge, MA) - January 16-19


Blogger ILoz Zoc said...

Hey, hopefully I'll catch up with you at Fangoria Weekend in NJ in June. I plan on attending: moreso if you'll be present.

10:25 PM  

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