Friday, August 03, 2007

Minnesota Bridge

I've steadfastly avoided anything vaguely political, lest it alientate a prospective customer, but let's stop whoring around finally, as though I'm trying to turn a trick for royalties off a $12.95 purchase (which equals, by the way, $1.04). Katrina. One major city gone. A war we can't even vaguely, remotely pretend to win, against a bunch of people who have rudimentary technology. Crumbling infrastructre, so people die on their way home from work for no reason other than they were taking the public byways home from work, and they therefore fell into the Mississippi River. We are so far down the road to becoming a Third World nation that I guess it's not even worth discussing or debating, but when, exactly, will we even lament the fact? And I tried to maintain the cynical line that "Oh, the Democrats are as bad as the Republicans!" as long as I could, but now it's over. We have cancer. It's time to cut out the tumor. Or our kids will be living much worse than we have, trying to sneak over the border to Canada or Mexico, where there's still a dream of freedom and opportunity.

Sorry. It'll be back to zombies tomorrow.


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