Thursday, July 26, 2007

Carnival - of the DEAD!

Well, actually, the one we just went to was just the regular, living kind of carnival. But it did get me to thinking. All evening, teenagers would bump into me. No "Excuse me," not even a flinch or a glance. It wasn't just the rudeness that was getting to me (I totally assume teens will be as rude as humanly possible), it was that they didn't seem to notice my existence, like I wasn't there as far as they were concerned. And it reminded me of ghost movies, like A Christmas Carol, where people ignore the ghost and walk right by him/her. So I realized that being around teens was like being dead! I realized that as you grow older, young people ignore you more and more, until you die, and then they ignore you completely. Unless you're a zombie. Then they really can't afford to ignore you, can they? Because you'll kill them and eat their liver. I like that.


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