Monday, August 13, 2007

Back from Horrorfind!

And what a great place! Pretty much like the Land of Oz! Where else could I find so many nice people, who constantly told me how great I was, and so much free booze?! Not any place I usually inhabit in that inconveniently reality-based world out there!

And, Gentle Reader, let me tell you - your favorite blogger and zombie author spent last night in the VIP room! A burly, hairy security man checked to make sure I had the yellow armband and not just the regular blue one! And then there was an endless parade of mini egg rolls and Coors Light. (Ahem, someone does need to tell Marriott, Mormons or not, to upgrade the VIP beer.) Never mind that I hung out with the same, lowly authors that I had the previous night, and no, I didn't go up and chat to Malcolm Macdowell (who, by being reduced to playing the same thankless role that a has-been Donald Pleasence had been reduced to 30 years previous, could surely do worse than chat to me). Nonetheless, I still had arrived!!!

And for the TODPers I met - what a great group! I look forward to many more! And let me single out WithanI - you rock!


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