Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Back from Cornerstone

And what a fine bunch of people. I think "Christian rockers" may be my target demographic I was missing: they're young, they like horror movies, they're not averse to a Christian message, they're kind of set for my analysis. And at least their moms and dads have some cash, even if the next generation doesn't always.

I thought I'd give my quick rundown of the highlights of the trip, for anyone journeying across this fair land of ours.

Idlewild Amusement Park (Ligonier, PA) This is what parks like Dorney or Hershey or Rye used to be like when I was little, and I always look forward to stopping by whenever we drive west.

United States Air Force Museum (Dayton, OH) For military aircraft, a better collection than the Smithsonian. They've moved to much nicer digs than when I was a kid, so the planes are nicely protected and displayed in air conditioned comfort, but they have tried to display more "regular" planes - e.g. I know when I was there before, their Me 262 on display sported a 50mm gun, and now it's the regular configuration of 4 x 30mm cannons. But they still have such incomparable oddities as a B36 and a XF85 "Goblin."

Dining in Macomb, IL As often happens when trying new restaurants, surprises abound. Macomb's steakhouse was average, and the most expensive place in town. The mexican was maybe a cut above average, and reasonably priced. But best of all, for quality or price, was Vitale's Italian. Half what I would pay around here, and the pesto and Alfredo were about the best I've ever had.

The Imaginarium at Cornerstone Elvis, zombies, robots, pod people, and the Christians who love and/or are fascinated by them. Nice folks.

Bazbeaux Pizza (Indianapolis, IN) The last time we went there, our daughter wasn't born yet, and they were serving pizzas in a tiny, vividly colored little shack. Now they're a huge, upscale restaurant, but still incredible for thin crust.

Quaker Steak and Lube (Sharon, PA) They claim "Best Wings USA" and they back it up (and I don't usually like wings that much but wow, these were good).

The Winner Outlet Store (Sharon, PA) Check this out. Three stories of ladies clothes in what must've been the biggest department store for miles when it was a regular store. But here's the fun part. On the first floor there's a door that says "Men's Lounge." And when you go in there, there's a beat-up old sofa, a color TV, and a tap that dispenses free, ice-cold beer (it tastes like some awful Lite, but it is definitely beer, and cold, and free).

And now, fireworks, then I'm off to ReaderCon.


Blogger ChrisI1024 said...

You share an audience base with Stryper. Cool.

12:27 AM  
Blogger KPaffenroth said...

Dude, I so had their live CD in my hand at the stand there, ready to fork over for it.

12:37 AM  
Blogger John W. Morehead said...

It was good to meet you in person, Kim. Your seminar series at Cornerstone was great, and the attendance indicated this is a hot topic. Keep pushing the pop culture envelope with this. Hope to see you at the World Horror Convention in 2008 in Salt Lake City.

11:15 AM  

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