Monday, June 11, 2007

Review Down Under!

A review of GOTLD from a very prestigious journal that comes to us from Oz - The Bible and Critical Theory 3.2 (2007) 34.1-3. Most of it summarizes my analysis, with some tags as to where I'm being "liberal" and where I'm being "neo-orthodox," but the last paragraph is the nice one:

"I found myself wondering as I read Paffenroth why the divine grace did not arrive. Perhaps, it does not arrive because Paffenroth does not believe in it, although I think that highly unlikely. Perhaps, grace does not arrive because Paffenroth plans another book. More likely, grace does not arrive because it does not befit zombie movies (see, e.g., 160n52, 162n24) and because Paffenroth genuinely loves zombie movies. That love is the book’s saving grace, for it allows Paffenroth’s work to avoid being a heavy-handed tract and to avoid the blatant apologetic that interprets a piece of secular art as revealing a problem to which the Christian message provides the answer."

Me, love zombie movies? You think? Nice how he puts it though, that loving zombie movies keeps me from being "blatant" and "heavy-handed." In fact, that may be the one of the few times that zombie movies have been associated with subltety.


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