Friday, May 04, 2007

Random Thoughts at Dunkin' Donuts

(I'm getting in a bad habit of going there after dinner for expensive coffee.)

- Gal is walking in ahead of me. She's a cashier from the CVS next door. Another regular greets her. She says back, "Oh, yeah, I had to take a break and get something to eat! I've been working for THREE HOURS!" Oh. Wow. Three hours. One hundred and eighty minutes there, on your feet, in the grueling sweat shop that is CVS. Like that is some huge accomplishment or sacrifice. Like she's worked two shifts in the mines. My God. I don't even know what our new Chinese and Indian overlords are going to do with us when they take us over, we're so damned lazy.

- Going out, I see my car. Just washed it earlier today. All the chrome shining. That graphite finish (total serendipity - I never would've picked that color, it was just what they had on the lot, but it looks SMOKIN') sparkling in the last rays of the sun. And I thought, you know, you really do like your car better than your woman. It's human nature. Well, it's man's nature. And I thought again how I want to be buried in it. But I thought of the logistical problems. I mean, I know there are laws against just sticking someone in the back yard (regardless of the receptacle) and I don't know how they're going to take to lowering a PT Cruiser into a hole in a "regular" cemetery. But then I thought, wait, once you're cremated I think they can do whatever you tell them (ahead of time) to do with you, so where's the problem with setting the urn on the front seat and burying it in the back yard? Heck, it could be quasi-Egyptian, with all kinds of goodies and trinkets all around the back seat. I'm set!!! I just love it when I solve a problem.


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