Friday, May 04, 2007

Another Satisfied Customer

I just saw these comments on a message board:

I just finished Kim's "Dying to Live" last night. What an incredibly intense story!! I was enthralled from the beginning but when (and I don't want to give away anything) they make their journey to the other survivors and what happened there, THAT Mr. Paffenroth was one of the most INTENSE and heartwrenching pieces of literature I have ever read, zombie or not!!! You have such a talent with words that I was actually sickened and then so freakin' angry that I wanted to reach into the book and physically take part in the vengence. My god! Folks this is just an amazingly well written story. Get a copy today. This very instant. Unbelievable!!

He'll be posting it on his Pod soon:

Thanks! I remember writing that scene, late on several nights in a row last summer, and I remember how worked up I got about what was happening, really immersed in the action, and how angry I got with the characters and what they were doing, that there was no level of violence I could bring down on them that would satisfy how much vengeance I wanted to wreak upon them. And I'm glad that came across.


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