Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thanks Fran!

A great shout-out from Connecticut's Horror Maven, Fran Friel, author of Mama's Boy! (THAT book out-sicks anything I'll ever write, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!) An excerpt from her great MySpace blog:

"I finished reading Dying To Live, by Bram Stoker Award winning author, Kim Paffenroth. I haven't read a lot of zombie stories yet, but I suspect few, if any, will have the amount of heart and character depth that Kim accomplishes in D2L. It's got the great action expected in any zombie adventure, but this story is also poignant, intimate and thought provoking. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read. "


Blogger Fran Friel said...

Thanks for the shout, Kim. I hope D2L is selling deserves to sell-out!

Best Always,

10:46 PM  

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