Saturday, April 21, 2007

Rants Against Christians in the Horror World

You see them a lot. Given that someone like Fred Phelps is out there, spewing a particularly bizarre cocktail of ignorance and hate, can you really blame all the people who just say "To hell with it. Christians are all hate mongering idiots. I hate Christians"? I can't. So, I don't blame them for feeling that way. Sometimes I do try to engage them in debate, as I don't think it very helpful that they make huge generalizations about Christians, and issue a blanket condemnation of 85% of the US population, about 30% of the world population. (Sounds sort of like bigotry and narrow-mindedness, doesn't it?) But I usually refrain. (There's a thread on Shocklines right now, where someone is lumping all Christians in with Phelps, and I could jump in - if I wanted to spend my whole day on that.) Usually the exchange is just pointless and bitter and all that happens is more anger is spread, even if I "win."

But sometimes, I do have the time and the will, and I do engage, and the other person has the time and the patience, and we have a real dialogue, instead of an argument. I wanted to link to one of those times here, and thank the other person for a very informative and helpful exchange.


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