Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ghost Rider

Not as bad as HULK. Not as bad as DareDevil. Probably not as bad as Catwoman or Elektra (though I didn't see those, because everyone said they were so bad). You know what? Probably about as good/bad as VanHelsing. Yup, that's where I'd put it. Solid 2.5 stars. Special effects didn't look quite right, though. Bike was cool. Flaming chain was cool (a lot like Spawn). And what the heck was Nicholas Cage doing in it? And why were Mendes' breasts exposed throughout, when they're not even that big? It just made it seem that extra level of gratuitous. I also didn't like that it was the first movie I paid L.A. prices for (outside of L.A.). Ok, so I didn't feel like asking for time travel to be invented, so I could have those 110 minutes back, and I didn't even feel like asking for my money back. That's how I'd describe it.


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