Sunday, February 11, 2007


I was amused that some gamer dug this up, from the year I graduated high school:

This was when lots of Christians were talking about how kids were going to start worshiping Satan, taking drugs, and committing suicide, all because of a little role-playing game called Dungeons and Dragons. Oh, this was before they said kids would do (or had done) the same things, because of a group of loud and scruffy lads called JUDAS PRIEST. Or, oh, wait, before they were supposedly going to do all those things because of a rather well-mannered, hard-working, highly-intelligent young man called Harry Potter.

And tell me - doesn't the counselor/minister look an awful lot like John Holmes? I mean, 80s hair being what it was, I suppose EVERYONE looked like John Holmes, but I'm wondering if there's some subliminals here as well.

A truly intelligent and insightful and honest clergyman, The Rev. Dr. Richard Bumpass, who has since gone on to his eternal rest in a much saner place, told me when I first started investigating Christianity, that he was constantly surprised anyone converted to Christianity, when they saw how stupid so many Christians acted. Amen, brother.


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