Monday, January 01, 2007

First Post '07 - Old Music

Excuse the non-zombie nature of this post. I will try to keep them to a minimum.

After the ball dropped, I stayed up and listened to some old CDs and got all maudlin, and I realized that I needed to call some people out. Here are some people who need to know I think of them when the disks are spinning, late at night, whether it's for a good reason or not so good.

Boston's "More Than a Feeling": Greg, I was struck by this one more than usual, and I usually take this one hard. I know as sure as I know anything that you're somewhere better, but I hope it's not inappropriate to say that I would trade places with you any day, as it's just not fair that I'm here and you're not. I think of you most every day.

Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer": Liz, I never gave you any reason not to answer emails. I wouldn't listen to this CD or watch Young Guns if it weren't for you, and I do both incessantly. I'd like to flatter myself that I had some similarly positive influence on you, so an email would be nice.

Judas Priest "Electric Eye": I went to the Electric Factory on a frosty morning in 1998 to live a childhood dream and see the Bashers from Birmingham rock so hard my teeth hurt. I went with two people I thought were my friends. One has continued to go to concerts with me up and down the East Coast. He's my friend. The other ignores emails and phone calls. Oh, except one, that he answered, because I made the phone call from work, which is in the 914 area code, so he thought it might be from someone "important" in NYC. News flash: friends are "important." But, you know what? Make the call or send the email, and I won't make anything of it. I'd just like to hear from you. I mean it - not word one, no demand for an apology, just pick up where we left off. Try it.

Journey "Open Arms": Kerry, either your work email filters out everything I send, or you're ignoring me. If the latter, then see the above entry. If the former, then you got to fix something, as it's annoying.


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