Thursday, June 10, 2010

Upcoming Appearances - Summer / Fall 2010

Still working on them, but these are finalized or likely:

June 20-July 2 - Grand Rapids, MI (not a horror con, but a seminar at Calvin College - locals hit me up for an autograph, and I'll make the rounds of the Borders in the area signing their stock; I'll also take the trip as an excuse to stop by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the way!)

August 27-29 - FanExpo (tentative) Toronto, Canada - this is a BIG show!

Sept 3-5 - HorrorFind Weekend (definite), Gettysburg, PA - Thanks to Brian Keene for setting it up! My reading's Saturday afternoon at 3:30.

Sept 17-19 - HorrorRealm (definite), formerly ZombieFest, in Pittsburgh; my favorite con, as it's themed for the zombie fans!

Oct 8-10 - Albacon (tentative) Albany, NY; more Sf/Fantasy than horror, but a nice con nearby


Blogger SheReads said...

WHAT?!!! No Monster Mania in Cherry Hill? I'm now officially bummed.

6:15 PM  

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