Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Near the end of the semester, I went through my office books and gleaned out the stuff I knew I'd never use, mostly because it's just really technical NT/Greek/Patristic stuff that I don't plan on working on (and if I did, I could get the book easily enough on Inter Library Loan). I got out 40 books. And I thought, if I send them to a US seminary, they might put the most expensive ones (the published dissertations, which often go for $125 a pop) in their collection, and sell the rest at a garage sale for a couple bucks each. Not a bad use. But I thought no, I want all the books to be used by the people I send them to, and for it to be a library that doesn't have much to begin with. And I remembered how, in 1997, the first place to offer me a long term job were these nice folks at Pacific Theological College, and I thought - there, those people could really use these books. Shipped them (cost a bundle, but again, some of the books are $100+ each) and I was getting pretty nervous, as the post office said it'd take a week, and this was 7 weeks ago! I thought a couple hundred dollars in books, and a couple hundred more in shipping, down the drain. Finally got confirmation today - they all got there safely! And they sent me this pic of students with the books! So I think they went to the right place!


Blogger Nick Norelli said...

Nice! I'm envious since those are all the types of books I like to read!

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