Saturday, August 01, 2009

And Over at Horror World

Steven E. Wedel offers a very generous review of VALLEY OF THE DEAD.

In part,

"The author here tells his story in a detached, almost dreamy fashion that does not, however, mute the horrors of what we’re witnessing. It’s a style I found very fitting for the type of story being told, almost like Paffenroth was following along behind Dante, telling us what was really going on, acting as sort of a filter.

"The drawback here is that this book is a limited edition. There will only be 150 copies printed, and it’ll cost you $50 to get one. Is it worth it? Umm, do zombies eat flesh? Duh!

"This is not like what Seth Grahame-Smith did with his Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. It isn’t fan fiction and it isn’t gimmicky. Paffenroth gives us a serious read that will entertain, enlighten and, just maybe, inspire us to re-examine one of the world’s greatest pieces of literature, too."

Nearly sold out in its present, limited edition.


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