Saturday, December 08, 2012

Theology Books for the Holidays!

Declare War on high prices! Or declare war on the consumerism that Christmas has turned into! Or whatever floats your holiday boat! I was digging around in some boxes and found a cache of some of my theology books. If an educated, well-read Christian is on your gift giving list (and no, no jokes about that being an oxymoron, my atheist friends and family) - I can make you a deal on signed copies of two of my best theological books!

For example, perhaps s/he has a goal of reading that Christian classic, Augustine's Confessions in 2013. Then this lively commentary would be perfect! 

Or, perhaps s/he has always been fascinated by the Bible's worst villain and the mystery of predestination! Then this book is sure to please! 

Shoot me an email to negotiate! - !!


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