Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I Did With My Summer Vacation

Well, quite a bit! First, a short trip to the beautiful Maine coast, Nova Scotia, and New Hampshire!

Then I settled down and did some work - all previously reported here, gentle readers, but now all officially finished, sent to the publishers, ready to go to press this fall/winter (and beyond), or having arrived in their final form in my mailbox!

The Italian edition of Valley of the Dead came in the mail and it's just so gratifying, to be in Dante's mother language! Also arriving in the post was Closes at Dusk from Belfire Press.

Augustine and Psychology (webstie already has TOC and blurbs!) and Augustine and Science - both with Lexington Books, intriguing essay collections, making our favorite misogynist and general whipping-boy for the Western tradition seem - well, not so bad! Sort of like a smart coelacanth!

The Undead and Theology, edited with the great John Morehead, now ready to go at Wipf and Stock!

And finally, with the help of the awesome Christine Morgan, Pale Gods is now finished and will be published by the world's greatest zombie publisher, Permuted Press!

Oh - and I sent in my audition video to CHOPPED! (Nothing official on that yet, but I had to say it!)


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