Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Big Announcement!

Well, that came quick on the heels of my saying "Big announcement"!!

Nero Press has announced they will be publishing VALLEY OF THE DEAD in Italian! This is so exciting to me, as even since I conceived of the book, I thought to myself how cool it would be for people to read and discuss it alongside Dante's original (indeed, looking over reviews, so far, it may have appealed more to Dante fans than "traditional" zombie fans) - and now it'll be available in Dante's mother language! (And of course, remember all the trouble Dante had publishing his work in Italian instead of Latin, so it's a further vindication of him as well.)

The publisher provided me with this rough translation of the book's description:

"Our first title, for which the contract has been already signed, will be a horror novel by talented american author Kim Paffenroth. In addition to having published several books on the theme of the zombie, Paffenroth is also professor of religious studies at Iona College. The book's title is Valley of the Dead - The Truth behind Dante's Inferno, and in order to get a first taste of what it is, we recommend you to read this article on Alessandro Girola's blog, or pay a visit to Dr. Paffenroth's website.We'll not be revealing the title of the italian edition – for now – and we hope you will find very intriguing discovering how – according to Paffenroth – Dante Alighieri came to write The Divine Comedy, after witnessing during his exile something so horrible that he conceived such an unique Work, destined both to sum up and exceed the literature and culture of the Middle Ages."

This is really a big deal for me and I'm very proud!


Blogger Will Granger said...

Congratulations on your news! I hope it leads to big sales for you in 2012. It is amazing how popular zombies are these days!

Will Granger

11:38 AM  

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