Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I just got back from recording the Prologue to VALLEY OF THE DEAD, which will be done as an audio book from the fine folks at Audible. Check out their offerings now at their website. VALLEY will be out from them later this year.

It sure was an interesting process. You sit in this tiny (phone-booth sized) box, with the walls and ceiling made of small (1") pyramids of black foam. The text is in front of you, on a music stand, and the microphone is about 4" from your face. You wear headphones, mostly to hear the sound person in the other room, who coaches you on which words you're eliding or running through too fast. You do hear your own voice on the headphones, though he had to turn it down for me, or I'd talk more softly, because my voice sounded too loud to me at first. You can stop and restart anytime, as it's all electronic and he just takes it back to whatever point at which there was a problem.

So, interesting!


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