Tuesday, April 06, 2010

That World Domination Plan?

More of a suggested, possible, potential increase in global influence, let's say!

But here's where it's at for 2010:

APRIL 2010 - The German edition of D2L is available from Festa Verlag! Who knows if the Germans like zombies as much as they do David Hasselhoff, or as much as the French love Jerry Lewis? Maybe. (I got my first German fan on Facebook today, so that's a good sign!) Who knows what this'll mean to Kim World Domination?

APRIL 2010 - VALLEY OF THE DEAD TPB available! Who knows? It's my favorite thing I've done, I think it's the kind of book that would have Dante scholars interested in zombies and zombie fans interested in Dante, but who knows how successful it'll be?

SEPTEMBER 2010 - THE LIVING DEAD II is released, including one story co-authored by me, thereby exposing me and my smart zombie to tens of thousands of people who've never heard of me before. Can't be a bad thing, I'm thinking, and maybe a very good thing!

September 2010 - The new edition of ORPHEUS AND THE PEARL from Belfire Books (to be published with a novella from Dave Dunwoody!). Gonna give that tale a wider audience, which I'll very much appreciate!

OCTOBER 2010 - The Simon and Schuster / Permuted edition of D2L comes out. I shudder to look back on prose I wrote in 2006, but it's been such a solid, consistent seller for three years, what do I know? It has stuff to satisfy every craving, it seems - gore, some characters people like, some grim humor. It's an old standby in a way, and I think it'll find a larger audience.

NOVEMBER 2010 - D2L3 comes out. This is one wild follow up. I can honestly say it's not like either of the first two, but OTOH, everything that happens makes a kind of sense, and "fits" if you've read the first two. It's more violent and gory than D2L2, so overall I'm pretty confident this'll have the zombie "base" satisfied.

So, the pattern I'm sensing is that release dates as they get closer make me increasingly nervous and unsure of what's going to happen! But it's a fun filled year and I think overall, if it's not world domination, I'll still spread the Good News of the undead to a larger audience, and that's all I can ask!


Blogger Rhiannon Frater said...

What an amazing line up! I'm very excited for you. 2010 is shaping up to be a great year.

Best wishes!

3:37 AM  

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