Sunday, January 31, 2010

Writing Reviews Can Bring LULZ

Not often (and I'm a scathing reviewer, BTW, so much so that I almost felt bad last year, until I got two manuscripts to review in a row, and both were just awesome, and that made me feel that, yes, I can give bad reviews to the bad stuff, and save good reviews for the legitimately good stuff - as it should be) - but while writing a (mostly negative) review of a book on science and religion, I had a couple LULZ. When trying to type "Creationism" I had the Freudian (Darwinian?) slip of typing "cretinism." Then today, on a completely unrelated blog, I saw this awesome pic of Flaming, Angry, Never-Ending Story Jesus! Then a friend showed me the Jesus Loves Baby Dinos pic! Laughing out loud!


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