Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Preparations

The bread is torn into chunks and in a metal bowl, getting dried out overnight. (I actually found an ancient roll that had not gotten moldy, but just rock hard, so that went into the mix, as it should!)

Succotash in the freezer

Bird defrosting in the fridge. Had a terrible fight with the missus over my buying a turkey breast (rather than the whole thing) but I've done that several years now, as NO ONE (including her) eats dark meat, and I end up throwing out 1/3 of the bird, which is terrible. And it doesn't even fit in the fridge in its un-dismembered state, so I don't know why I'd want a whole bird. But guess what? After all that yelling, there'll be a whole turkey for Christmas, if I have to take a shelf out of the fridge, and no matter how much I throw out after. Just got to be.

ZOMG I got to make gravy, don't I? Every year I made gravy, for 20 years, and it all went down the drain, cuz no one ate it. Then last year - I skipped gravy, and everyone bitched there wasn't gravy. (See previous entry for similar phenomenon.) Making gravy I guess!

Potatoes sitting there, waiting to be cooked and mashed. Onions sitting next to them, waiting to be cooked and served in a cream sauce.

No yams. Never had them at home. I'll bide my time til Christmas on the brussel sprouts and beets.

Pumpkin and pecan pies waiting to be made.

Pickles and olives waiting to be plated.

It's really paint by numbers, you know? The curry I made tonight was harder to make than tomorrow's dinner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The almost-fight here this year was over the proper making of the dressing, with the opening act being to do with cranberry sauce and the halftime show over wine. None of them panned out to much, mostly because for some reason Tim is desperate to have me keep the peace :)

10:28 AM  
Blogger KPaffenroth said...

Since her parents were immigrants, my wife had never had stuffing. (They knew to go buy a turkey and stick it in the oven, but they didn't quite get all the other things.) She was hooked the first time she tried it, though attempts at innovation (cornbread, giblets, chestnuts, etc.) do raise some objections. Neither of us had ever had the raw cranberry and orange stuff, but I saw the recipe on the bag and now it's the standard at our house. Oh - and the breast, though hard to carve, was fine, even she agreed.

10:33 AM  

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