Saturday, October 03, 2009

Light Imagery

It's funny, but since VALLEY OF THE DEAD, I've been using it more (since it's one of Dante's favorite symbols). But I take Dante's standard equation (God = light) and try to play around with it, in what I see as the "standard" universe - i.e. a universe where God is silent and not visibly present. In such a universe, darkness might actually be the preferable state, as it would indicate the mystery, hiddenness, and silence where God might be lurking. On the other hand, light could just as easily be twisted to something negative, especially if one starts using (male) sexualized language for it like piercing, penetrating, harsh, stabbing, etc. Light would then be that which tries to usurp God's prerogatives with false illumination and enlightenment.

So - fun, fun, fun!


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