Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chapters 43 and 44

Turned the proverbial lemons into the nectar of lemonade, as the saying goes, and channeled all my hoary, mossy old moroseness into a couple short chapters at the end that are full of a hopeful kind of sadness. Also crammed full of allusions - Melville, Dostoevsky, and a nod to Voltaire! Oh - Dante and Kierkegaard, too, with the inadequacy of Reason!!

Sigh. There I go again - as soon as I wrote down what the allusions were, I dreamed of St John's, where I first read those books, and Villanova, where I first taught them, and made myself all maudlin and depressed again.

But - huzzah, nonetheless!

Word counts

Chapter 43 - 1100 words
Chapter 44 - 800 words

39,300 word total


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