Sunday, September 13, 2009


Just read the first zombie attack from VALLEY.

Wow. I write some brutal stuff when I'm in the mood. I mean, that's a lot of blood and stuff. Mostly stuff.

You all who bought the book - you're in for a treat when it arrives in a few weeks. (And I apologize for the delay as well!)

UPDATE: Sitting here, blubbering at the emotional scene. Wow.

UPDATE: I'd forgotten how bad the Indecisive are! They deserve what they get! (Or more precisely, what Dante and I gave to the accursed wretches - take that, sirrah!)

UPDATE: Just got to where the monk explains how zombies are like the damned, and it fits so well, w/o sticking out as needless theologizing! Go me!

UPDATE: OMG the Francesca character! Dare I say it? As good as the original?

UPDATE: Oh the gluttons! Kind of perfect for a zombie story! And what a line, that they were "full of emptiness"!!

UPDATE: Oh, I know you won't believe me - but I'd forgotten the spokesman for the gluttons! He's hilarious! And I'd forgotten I'd litted in a Cerberus like creature, too! You'd think I knew what I was doing!

UPDATE: Ah - the Epicurean! Now him I remember! What a cad!

UPDATE: OMG - the River of Blood! I even remembered to put that in!

UPDATE: No! I'd totally forgotten the images of the BVM I put in the Circle of Suicides! Wow - that was unexpected, but man did it work right!

UPDATE: I certainly had not forgotten the Burning Plain, or the Blasphemers. But now I'm soaked in tears. That was something.

But now, off to make dinner. I might do some more late tonight.


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